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Our hearts go out to the survivors and the families of the deceased in Aurora, Colorado after the horrific shooting at the movie theater early Friday morning. While we cannot ignore it, coverage of such a big, constantly updated national news story is honestly beyond the scope of what we do here at Neatorama. That's not to say we won't post anything about the shooting, but we encourage you to stay updated by following news sites.

Things that are more "right up our alley," as submitters say, are last weekend's Comic Con in San Diego and next weekend's Opening Ceremonies for the London Olympics. Those are the kinds of lighthearted subjects we really like to bring you, to intrigue and entertain you, maybe lift your spirits, or even make you laugh. And we had a bit of that sort of thing this past week.

Jill Harness wrote about her and Zeon's weekend at Comic Con and brought us back 50 Wonderful Comic Con Costumes From 2012.

Eddie Deezen wrote about The Legend and Legacy of American Pie.

From Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, we learned the history of The Mad Bomber.

10 Sports Heroes You Won’t Find On Wheaties Boxes came from mental_floss magazine.

The Annals of Improbable Research gave us Hiawatha’s Valence Bonding, a long, funny parody poem about science.

In the What Is It? game this week, the pictured item is a Civil War Tourniquet. The first correct answer came from Anker, who wins a t-shirt! The funniest answer came from amanderpanderer, who explained that this is, “A epithelial and parietal flange ratchet for a ophthalmic socket tightener necessitated by autonomous sternutation (It goes on your head and holds yer eyeballs in when you sneeze.)” So she wins a t-shirt, too! Find out what all the other mystery items are at the What Is It? blog.

The post with the most comments this past week was The Average Canadian Now Richer Than the Average American,  followed by 50 Wonderful Comic Con Costumes From 2012.

Want more? You can always find a ton of reading material at The Best of Neatorama. Be sure to check our Facebook page every day for extra content, contests, discussions, videos, and links you won't find here. Also, our Twitter feed will keep you updated on what's going around the web in real time. Thanks for spending time with us at Neatorama!

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