How Much Would It Cost to Become Batman?

How much money do you think Bruce Wayne (if he were real) would have to shell out for all the stuff that makes him Batman? Centives, an economics blog run by students at Lehigh University, crunched the numbers.
After stealing and ending up in jail, Bruce Wayne is then solicited by the League of Shadows. They know that he’s a billionaire and so they probably charged Bruce Wayne to train him in the way of the ninja (after all, serving the cause of true justice by doing things like destroying Gotham City isn’t exactly something you make money from – you have to find sources of revenue somewhere.) An elite personal martial arts instructor costs $60 an hour. As Batman you’ll want to train for, say, four hours a day, six days a week. Assuming that it takes about a year of training the bill comes out to $74,880.

Then there's the Batcave, the gadget, the Batmobile, and Alfred. Surprisingly, the total came out to be less than you might think. Bonus: Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Batman, and Tony Stark all show up in the comments. Link -via TIME Newsfeed

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