Water Cafe Sells New York City Tap Water

Photo: Ramsay de Give/The Wall Street Journal

Hipsters, please. Oxygen bar is so 90s. The new thing is water cafe, which sells New York City tap water.

Not just any tap water, insist the owners of Molecule. They say the water streams through a $25,000 filtering machine that uses ultraviolet rays, ozone treatments and reverse osmosis in a seven-stage processing treatment to create what they call pure H20.

Despite the start-up costs, it is the ideal business model, they say, since they never have to worry about spoiled products or storage costs. And then there is the taste: "I mean it's subtle, but if you have a sensitive palate you can totally tell" the difference, said co-owner Adam Ruhf.

But how does it taste?

Mr. Ruhf says his water is unusually "fluffy" with a "smooth" finish. (A reporter found it lighter and more velvety than city tap water.)

Sophia Hollander of The Wall Street Journal takes us there: Link - via The Atlantic Wire

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...and if you believe that, you owe 150 more bucks for the air you've been consuming while you've been here. filtered through my greedy lying ass ;)
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I go backpacking in the mountains with my father every year in the spring time and the best part is filtering our water straight from snow melt fed streams.

That water tastes better then any other beverage I have ever had........ no ozone, no chlorine, no fluoride, no metallic taste from aging pipes..... just fresh naturally oxygenated water filtered through sand and chalk full of minerals.

If you could find a way to bottle it while preserving the flavor and mouth feel you would be a billionaire.
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