Branding the Presidents

Meg Jannott's latest project is to create branded graphic designs for each of the 44 Presidents of the United States. Presumably that means that she's going to give 2 designs to Cleveland. So far, she's up to Benjamin Harrison.

Here's Ulysses S. Grant. He earned the sobriquet "the Butcher" while in the Army for his willingness to accept huge casualties in order to destroy Confederate armies.

Link -via Dude Craft

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For shame! Ms. Jannott should read history for herself and not rely on stereotypes or repeating what the uniformed have written about this great American. There are numerous biographies of Grant that she should read, biographies that refute this old canard that he willingly sacrificed his men. Without Grant we would not be the UNITED STATES. He won the war that freed millions of people from slavery and preserved this precious union.
If one considers oneself an artist, it behooves that person to know his or her subject before attempting to create something about him, wether it be a painting, a sculpture, or in this case a logo. Ms. Jannott should return to the drawing board. Shealso should visit Grant Cottage on Mt. McGregor, Wilton, NY, where Grant finished his Personal Memoirs before dying of throat cancer. She will learn who the man trully was.
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Well, for someone who is so adamant about doing their research - you might have discovered that this is a daily /design/ exercise for Ms. Jannott. If she was designing an full fledged identity around Grant I would completely agree that you can never do enough research. However, this project is a daily /design/ exercise - having expectations of her reading every presidents auto biography and visiting their historical monuments is not only completely missing the point - it's ridiculous.

I'm sure Ms. Jannott appreciates your critique, as all good designers do. However, I'm simply pointing out that it behooves that a person to know his or her subject before attempting to critique them.
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I am not judging or critiquing her artistic talent as I have no background in her area. In fact I like what she has done with her logo. However, there are many positive nouns or adjectives that she could have chosen to accompany her logo, but she chose the pajorative “The Butcher”. If that is her perception of Ulysses Grant, she needs to know a bit more about our history.
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