11 Amazingly Geeky Aquariums

Geeks manage to work their interests into everything these days, even fish tanks. If you’re asking yourself, “how could an aquarium be geeky?” well then sit back and enjoy the nerdstravaganza of the world’s geekiest fish tanks.

1. A Vintage Pinball Machine

(Video Link)

When the guys from the show Tanked were asked to make a special machine for a guy who loved old pinball machines and aquariums, they immediately suggested creating a functional pinball machine that also served as an aquarium. It was definitely a bit of a project, as you can see in the video, but the end result was simply amazing and something any gamer would love to have in his or her pad.

2. A Broken XBox 360

For those without the money or space for an old pinball machine, this Xbox aquarium by Blue Water Aquariums is a pretty sweet alternative. The small saltwater aquarium is home to live corals, fish, crabs, snails and shrimp. No word on how much it costs, but I’m willing to bet they’d custom make one for any geeky fish fan with enough cash.

3. An Old PC

(Video Link)

Instructables user pbecker83 had a PC that was too old to still do much computing, so he turned it into an aquarium. Best of all, because the glass doesn’t take up much space inside the tower, the PC can still be turned on. To ensure the heat of the computer wouldn’t hurt the fishes, he made sure to get tropical beta fish that are totally comfortable with the water reaching 78 degrees –which is as hot as the PC gets when on. Of course, since the computer is so old, he really only uses it as a webcam to capture the faces of people enjoying the tank.

4. Old iMacs

Of course, Apple users are just as happy to turn their old machines into aquariums and iMacs are particularly great for this purpose as they already have such great style. In fact, they are so popular they even have their own cute nicknames “Macquariums.” BuzzFeed has a great gallery of these computer tanks.

5. An Old TV

For those who are addicted to TV rather than the internet, you can always convert an old, heavy wooden TV into a rather awesome aquarium. WikiHow has a very helpful set of instructions on the process for anyone trying to turn their old “boob tube” into a fish house.

6. SimCity-Inspired

If you can’t get enough SimCity, then you may as well try putting your fish in a tank inspired by the same concept. An arcology is a large habitat designed to deal with massive population densities –that’s sometime pretty important in SimCity and equally important in this tank. Unlike having one large tank of water, this design allows the fish to have privacy and feel like they are entering new environments whenever they enter one of the six rooms.

7. The Overpass


Ok, this now defunct coffee shop’s tank might not technically qualify as geeky, but it was just too awesome not to include here. That’s because this amazing tank actually consisted of two tanks connected by a giant overhead pipeline. It might look a little bit difficult for the fish to get into, but they did manage on occasion –although it would often take them days to make the journey.

8. USB Desktop Organizer and Alarm Clock

Need a fish tank for your office? Well, this USB Desktop Aquarium is pretty darn ideal. It is USB-powered, includes an alarm clock, low-voltage pump, an LED light, a temperature gauge and a small storage space. It also comes equipped with a sound machine that offers six different tranquil sounds from nature to help you and your fish mellow out after a stressful work day.

9. The R2-D2

What’s a list of geeky things without something related to Star Wars? This R2-D2 tank is sure to please any fan of the movie as he actually moves his head and beeps when instructed to via vocal commands. Plus, his eye actually works as periscope that lets you watch the fish under water.

10. The Doctor Who-Theme


While this Whoquarium might not actually have a special tank, the décor that comes with it is something every Doctor Who fan will enjoy –a lovely blue TARDIS and stickers you can place on the front of the glass so it looks like Daleks and Weeping Angles are about to attack your fish.

11. LEGO Mario World

(vimeo Link)

Similarly, this Mario scene, created with LEGOs, may be inside of a regular old fish tank, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less awesome. Just make sure your fish don’t eat any mushrooms or they might not fit in the tank anymore.

Are any of you fish owners with geeky tanks? If so, tell us about them. Personally, my track record with fish is almost as bad as it is with growing plants, so I just admire other people’s aquariums.

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The Whoquarium is hilarious. The link has the very helpful warning in red above the product description:

Please note: This tank is inadequate for most live fish. We therefore advise that you take independent advice from a specialist if you interested in keeping fish of any kind.

So really, it's really more the Whowatercontainer.
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man I really hate that "Tanked" show. Those guys just make tanks with no concern for the livestock they put in them. (if they do, it is neatly edited out of the show)
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