The Customer Service Department Will Avenge This Offense against Its Honor

A fool and his head are soon parted. And only a fool buys a bat'leth from the back of a Ferengi freighter with the impulse engine idling. This Klingon warrior should have known that today was not a good day to buy.

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The ferenghi have no honor, at least as Klingon see it. Rule of Acquisition 13: Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.

1. Once you have their money, you never give it back.
2. The best deal is the one that makes the most profit.
8. Small print leads to large risk.
11. Latinum isn't the only thing that shines.
19. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
34. War is good for business.
82. The flimsier the product, the higher the price.
141. Only fools pay retail.
192. Never cheat a Klingon...unless you can get away with it.

Lesson to Klingons: You should never trust a shiny new bat'leth, clearly its worth has never been tested in battle.
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"The Customer Service Department Will Avenge This Offense against Its Honor"

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