A Soap Bubble Is the World's Thinnest Display Screen

Do you remember Star Trek's holographic viewscreens that would disappear when not in use? We may have something like them in the near future. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a system that projects images onto the surfaces of bubbles:

"It is common knowledge that the surface of soap bubble is a micro membrane. It allows light to pass through and displays the colour on its structure," the lead researcher, Yoichi Ochiai from the University of Tokyo, wrote in his blog.

"We developed an ultra-thin and flexible BRDF [bidirectional reflectance distribution function, a four-dimensional function defining how light is reflected at an opaque surface] screen using the mixture of two colloidal liquids."

News Story and Video -via Walyou | Screenshot from the University of Tokyo

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"A Soap Bubble Is the World's Thinnest Display Screen"

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