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The temperature at home read 106 degrees yesterday, in an area not particularly known for being hot in the summer (or cold in the winter). If the heat wave is affecting your area, you might think about adjusting your traditional holiday plans. There's nothing wrong with having a picnic inside, or after dark (just don't forget the mosquito repellant). Also, fireworks will be particularly dangerous in areas where the grass is dried out from the heat. Maybe this is the year you should leave the fireworks displays to the professionals, barring a sudden change in the weather. And the usual advice stands: during a heat wave, you need to check on elderly relatives, friends, and neighbors, and make sure your animals have access to adequate water and shade at all times. And stay inside during the hottest part of the day! We'll be here to keep you occupied. In case you've been working all week, here's some great stuff you'll want to catch up on:

Jill Harness gave us the stories and video clips of 6 Obscure Classic Cartoon Characters.

Eddie Deezen told us about Psycho: Alfred Hitchcock’s Scariest Film.

The Legend of King Arthur came from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

Mental_floss magazine gave us 10 Photos Politicians Regret.

The Sleep-Retardant Properties of My Ex-Girlfriend was a contribution from the Annals of Improbable Research.

We have a contest that is still open for entries! Guess What’s Inside The Amazing Spider-Man Mystery Box is, of course, a movie-swag related guessing game, but you don't have to be anywhere near right to win. This time it's the funny answers that will win you neat stuff from the NeatoShop! But hurry, the contest will end soon.

In the What Is It? game, the scary-looking object in question is a chainsaw bumper spike, or dog bumper. It attaches to a chain saw and is held against a tree to help steady the saw while it cuts. Read more about it at the What Is It? blog. The first correct answer came from Berhard, who wins a t-shirt! The funniest answer came from Colin M, who said it was a “megalodonometer.”
That’s obviously a tool used be a Ichthyologist, they use it to measure the size of a sharks teeth, but only when they are still in the sharks mouth, hence the reason for the two bolt holes, which is used to mount to a stick, cause I do not know a Marine Biologist that would put their hand inside a sharks mouth.

That’s good enough for a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! Thanks to everyone who played this week, and thanks to the What Is It? blog.

Besides the giveaways, the post with far and away the most comments was Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare, which is not at all surprising. Rainbow Oreo was a distant second, and nothing else was close enough to count.

If you aren't checking out the Neatoramanauts' Facebook page, you're missing out on some neat stuff, like this candy contest. Readers were asked to ID "every one of these." I like the commenter who said "they're candy bars. where's my t-shirt?" Ha! (Image credit: Rachel Been)

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Have a happy Canada Day and a happy Fourth of July!

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