Cow Sees Reflection in Window, Charges into House

A few years ago, I was chased by an irate steer through a backyard and narrowly escaped injury by scrambling over a neighbor's fence. Cows are not always docile creatures and should be treated carefully. This criminal record of this cow near Quickborn, Germany is a good demonstration. She saw her reflection in the window of a house, challenged this new rival to mortal combat and charged through the glass:

Passersby who saw the smashed glass called the police, who arrived to find the cow calmly chewing cud in the kitchen with just a few scratches to show for her mix-up. [...]

Police officers rang a local vet to help them coax out the animal out, who had made herself at home on the kitchen floor. The initial plan was to tranquilise her and drag her out of the house, the Die Welt newspaper said on Friday.

But being sturdier than the vet had calculated, the injections only annoyed her and she galloped out of the door compos mentis into the neighbour's garden.

It was there that the vet managed to sedate her and she keeled over, asleep, into some shrubbery.

Link -via The Agitator | Photo: The Local

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Newest 2 Comments wasn't mistaking her reflection for another cow that caused this. She looked through the window, saw all the nice stuff the humans have, mentally compared it with her straw-lined stall in the barn and had a fit of envious rage.

Hell, some animal-rights arshole probably taught the old gal how to read and gave her a copy of Animal Farm.

The steer that chased you over the fence? Same deal.

He was probably saw a bull, horse or perhaps a dog or stable-hand getting it on with his lady, reflected on his own inadequacy and by the time you happened by he was pretty hot and bothered.

You - a human with intact balls - visible through those too-tight jeans you always wear - and who looks like the dude who castrated him - you were an irresistible target on which to stampede his rage.
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