Camera Trap Sex Tape

Camera traps are hidden in the forest to record wildlife without disturbing their natural behavior. But some folks think they should be clearly labeled after one caught an unnamed Austrian politician having sex on film.
Speaking to the local service of Austrian public broadcaster ORF on Monday, Hans Zeger, head of ARGE Daten, a non-governmental organization focusing on data protection, criticised the forest surveillance, saying that the automatic cameras pose a threat to individuals' privacy rights. The cameras should "at least be marked with signs," so that forest visitors can "adjust their behavior and avoid the monitored areas," he said.

But the Carinthian cameras are inconspicuous by design. Mounted on trees deep in the forest, they allow hunters and preservationists to observe animals in their natural habitats and feeding grounds. The cameras are sophisticated pieces of technology equipped with motion sensors and infrared capabilities, which allow them to capture footage of light-footed creatures in the night. They clearly have no trouble detecting humans in the undergrowth, either.

On the one hand, the politician is guilty of trespassing, as the area was clearly posted as forbidden. But the tape will not be made public, as its release is against Austrian law and carries a $25,000 fine. Link -via TIME Newsfeed

(Image credit: Flickr user glaaasi)

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So the guy wants concealed cameras used for wildlife studies on land he's not supposed to be on in the first place to be marked so he knows where not to have sex in the forest, that again he's not supposed to be in.

Um, no. You got caught being an animal by an animal cam. Get over it.
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LOL, i guess youre also being watched by the wildlife. Those cameras are pretty east to spot, even if they're camouflaged. All you need to do is look for straight lines and perfect circles (2 shapes that dont exist in nature) 1-3 feet from the bottom of a tree trunk.
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