Federal Lunch Rules

There are rules, then there are federal lunch rules.

A high school in Utah was fined $15,000 for selling sodas during the lunch hour. Turns out, it's okay to sell the sodas beforehand and then to drink it during lunch. It's just not okay to sell it during lunch. And not only that, turns out the rules in selling candies is quite complicated, too.

See if the rules make sense to you:

Chris Williams, the Davis School District Spokesperson, says there are definite rules about how, and when carbonated beverages can be sold. “It is challenging when you can buy a Coke before lunch, and consume it during lunch, but you can't buy a coke during lunch."

It's not just soda sales that are a problem; candy can be too, depending on what kind it is. Davis High School’s Principal, Dee Burton, says Snicker Bars are considered nutritional and legal, but other candy is not. "We are not allowed to sell anything that is carbonated or any candy that sticks to your teeth”

Snicker Bars nutritious? That's great news, Neatoramanauts! Thanks, Mr. Fed! Link

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"We are not allowed to sell anything that is carbonated or any candy that sticks to your teeth”

Wow, do these idiots not know what caramel is? It is also baffling that they call Snickers bars healthy, I suppose because they have a handful of peanuts mixed in with all the caramel and chocolate. I'm sure money isn't involved in any of this.
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I'm a high school teacher. The wacky school food rule changes started a couple years ago. First it was no candy, then any candy that had peanuts or peanut butter was OK but other candy wasn't, then no candy again. Drinks were even more complicated; no sodas but Gatorade was OK, then no Gatorade only milk, juice and water, then no strawberry milk, then strawberry milk was OK again, and now strawberry milk is bad again. Oh, and the juice has to have pulp. I don't know about other schools, but our kids won't drink white milk or orange juice with pulp; they throw it away :(
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The same government logic that gave us:

You aren't allowed to pay a woman money if you want to have sex with her; that's prostitution. But if you pay her money, have sex, and FILM it, then it's OK because you're just making an adult movie; that's OK.
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This is not new. Back in the old timey times (70's) when I was in school, they would turn off the soda machines during lunch hours. However, we did have a student smoking area at the school.....
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