What Americans Spend on Groceries

Tired of high grocery bills? Quit griping! According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans are actually spending less of our money on groceries than we did 30 years ago.

Lam Thuy Vo of NPR's Planet Money blog explains:

We now spend a much bigger share of our grocery money on processed foods, which includes things like frozen dinners, canned soups and snacks. We spend much less on meat, largely because meat is much cheaper than it was 30 years ago.

More at NPR's Planet Money Blog: Link 

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Lets see a COST for the other bills, with this from 30 years ago..
The first thing you cut is FOOD.

Iv seen to many kids not taught HOW to cook.
Pop it in the microwave and eat it..
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I went to his site and he has a few more graphs..
LOVE the last one and the price of BACON from 1982...In todays price..
Why not compare WAGE to PRICE..

ALSO...in 1982 there was NO WHERE that had bacon for over $5.. it was around a $1. And if inflation has raised its value to $5...I WANT A RAISE..YOU want a raise..because $2.10 per hour WAS NOT ENOUGH. 5x2.10=BASIC wage of $10.50 per hour.
And if you were making $9 per hour, you should be at $45.
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Jimbo: I'm curious how you came up with that. Is that some sort of racial slur? It really doesn't related that well to the man's name, in any other context, but I'd be happy to hear your line of reasoning.

You may note that this comparison goes back to 1982, spanning several presidencies.

The issue really is the fact that there are more households with two income earners, and more single parent households, and more kids getting food on their own instead of waiting for mom to cook it.

More lunches are bought in the school cafeteria rather than being made at home.

The sad fact is that it is more convenient for poor people to buy fast food, but it is less nutritious and more costly. This was an issue before your last election, and is not just a problem in the USA. Expand your viewpoint a little.
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