Man Carjacked Ride for Prom

Usually, people rent fancy vehicles to go to the prom, but this 20-year-old Chicagoan had a different idea:

Lorenzo Bracey spent last Friday night all dressed up with no place to go. Well, except jail. The 20-year-old Chicago man was fully tuxed when he made a pre-prom McDonald's stop.

Before he could say "to go, please," a man who recognized his own car in the parking lot identified Bracey as the guy who stole it from him at gunpoint earlier that day.

Bracey was arrested while wearing "a fancy white shirt and a grayish silver tuxedo" and spent prom night with the police. Instead of a date, Bracey picked up four felonies and three misdemeanors.


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Social comparison standards have more direct influence on behavior than objective measurements. For example; because the culture overvalues women on the singular domain of appearance, and because the cultural value attached to appearance is far greater than the cultural value attached to being healthy, women are more likely to engage in high risk diets and other strategies for increasing their value in the appearance domain at the cost of their private health. (e.g. Bulimia, Axorexia Nervosa, etc...). I offer the same explanation as to why a young man would steal a car to take to a prom despite the risks of being caught and imprisoned. The brain responds more directly to the fear of social disapproval for taking the bus to the prom, than it does to the threat of being apprehended by police. Additionally being arrested can earn one a reputation as a "hardened criminal" which has its value amongst other "hardened criminals" so there is less threat to self-esteem being arrested and imprisoned than their is in not being able to give your date a ride home from the prom (bar, concert hall, library, coffee shop, etc...). This makes sense if one considers the perspective of the "Selfish Gene", sex is more important than one's own survival, if one can secure sex prior to dieing its probably worth it, as opposed to securing personal safety in the absence of sex. Consider the male mantis whose success in copulating is a death sentence - the female bites his head off following sex - yet he spends his adulthood seeking a mate anyway.
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Hey if a 20 year old guy can go to prom how about me? I thought it was just for the kids but hey if we're letting adults go now hook a brother up with the high school hotties. I have my own car!
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