Homeless Student Got Accepted Into Harvard

On the nights when David Boone had no where else to go, the high school senior slept on a bench at a local baseball park.

Now, through perseverence and hard work, the homeless student has won a full scholarship to Harvard:

There wasn't much the then-15-year-old could do about the hookers or drug deals around him when he slept in Artha Woods Park. And the spectator's bench at the park's baseball diamond wasn't much of a bed.

But the aspiring engineer, now 18 and headed to Harvard University in the fall, had no regular home. Though friends, relatives and school employees often put him up, there were nights when David had no place to go, other than the park off Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

So he says he made the best of those nights on the wooden bench.
His book bag became his pillow, stuffed with textbooks first -- for height, he says -- and papers on top for padding. [...]

"I'd do my homework in a rapid station, usually Tower City since they have heat, and I'd stay wherever I could find," he said.

Patrick O'Donnell of The Plain Dealer has the inspiring story: Link (Photo: John Kuntz/The Plain Dealer) - via The Grio


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As inspiring as this story is, all it does is remind me how screwed up this country is.

He shouldn't have been left homeless in the first place.

The US of A at large seems perfectly content to just throw good kids like this to the dogs instead of trying to help feed, cloth and educate them.
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Agree with Ray. I don't find such stories inspiring, I find them disgusting examples of how our capitalistic society kills its own insidiously, by rendering them homeless and daring to see if they'll overcome it despite how we have abandoned them. Them and combat veterans. Why on earth do we still refuse to provide at a minimum a shelter and food for every combat veteran, child, elderly and disabled? I sound like an America hater don't I. Actually, I'm so not a hater of my own country, but it's not perfect and this is one problem I really wish we'd solve once and for all. Seriously. If I never hear another story about someone who was homeless and then had fabulous good fortune befall them by sheer luck, it'll be too soon.
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Something similar happened to me, in that I was on my own at 15. I wasn't able to get a part-time job, so I ended up working full time. This was in a semi-rural area, and I wasn't sure how to move to the city at the time, as being a minor complicated things. There weren't any stations or anything else open at night to study in either, at least that didn't kick you out for loitering. There weren't any STEM type schools in my area and normal high schools couldn't accommodate my work schedule. I went to one of those 'alternative' programs, where the highest math class offered was geometry. I ended up joining the military, stayed in about five years longer than I intended, and am going to a community college now. I hope I can get accepted into a nice school someday. I'd love to meet this kid, he seems awesome.
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Let's make a Blockbuster hit. I can see it now:
New York Times hails it as "Slumdog Millionaire" meets "Pursuit of Happiness"
TIME magazine says its the Drama of the century.
Don't miss this shoo-in Oscar-winning film Directed by Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas and The Departed) starring Omar Epps (Foreman on House) as David Boone. Narrated as a flashback by Morgan Freeman.
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