"Catastrophe Award" For Homework Excuses

The good news: Your kid came home with an award.
The bad news: It's a "Catastrophe Award" for most excuses for not having homework.

Valerie Cavazos of ABC affiliate KGUN9 has the story:

8-year-old Cassandra Garcia proudly showed us all her completed homework in her labeled folder. So it confused her mother, Christina Valdez, when her daughter came home with this end of the year award.

It is a "Catastrophe" award for most excuses for not having homework -- followed by a smiley face and the teacher's signature, Mrs. Plowman.

Not only confused, Valdez was upset because she said her daughter felt humiliated. She said the teacher announced the award in front of the whole class and all the children laughed at her daughter.

Valdez contacted the principal to complain about the award. "And she blew me off. She said it was a joke that was played and that the teachers joke around with the children," said Valdez.


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It's always the same story. The parents basically see teachers as tax paid baby sitters, and only bother to take a part in their child's education when confronted with the fact that their kid is failing. At that point instead of saying "what is my child not doing?", or better yet "what can I do?" They say instead "What is the teacher not doing for my child?"
While I don't subscribe to humiliating children, there is obviously a problem with Cassandra not doing her homework. So what is the mother doing? Sitting down with her child and making sure she understands the assignment and completes it? Nope, it's much easier to blame the school. To extend this to when Cassandra is an adult, if she has to complete a project by a deadline or submit a report, do you think she would be fired if she simply did not do it? This is what parents do not see in their children, that they are re-enforcing habits that will hinder their children's success in the work place.
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And ya'll need to watch the damn video before vomiting with your keyboard. Because if you did, you would see Cassandra take the camera crew on a tour of her completed homework folder, much of which bears an A level grade.
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