Magical Bed Hovers in Midair with Magnets

Frakking beds -- how do they work? Redditor mememetatata's design is simple but brilliant. It's just two wooden frames with opposing magnets inside. When assembled, the bed hovers a few inches off the ground.

It looks like the biggest problem that mememetatatta faced was that two of the magnets were shipped together. Each one had several hundred pounds of force, so he spent considerable effort separating them -- and photographing that part of the project.

Link and Gallery -via Geekosystem

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I would really be impressed if there would be no steel cables necessarry...

I also would have preferred if the cables had been placed under the bed to avoid any tripwire effects...

However i would like to have some of the magnets..
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From Earnshaw's Theorem, there's no way to use static magnets to cause levitation on their own. You either need active controls or you need some sort of physical support. Otherwise it will slide to the side (or perhaps top/bottom). You can use wires if they are nearly horizontal to prevent that action, or use posts under the bed. It's cooler to point under the bed and point out the lack of support.

You can get around Earnshaw's Theorem with superconductors, if you want to sleep over a large pool of liquid nitrogen. Perhaps someday, with room-temperature superconductors, we'll all be able to sleep on floating beds.
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