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Last night I watched our son graduate from high school. I was ready for a long evening, because college graduations I'd been to have long "inspirational"guest speeches. But it wasn't like that at all! The speeches were short and meaningful, the graduates were all cute, and I was surprised at how many of them I knew through their parents or grandparents. And our young man has never smiled so joyfully! Congratulations to all those graduating this spring, and also to the parents and families of those celebrating these milestones. Now, where's my handkerchief?

Oh yeah, we had some great features this week: here's some links in case you missed any of them.

Eddie Deezen wrote about The Mickey Mouse Cartoon Banned in America.

John Farrier brought us 10 Facts You Might Not Know about Watership Down.

In light of the death of disco queen Donna Summer, it seems appropriate that we had Why Disco Happened, from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Part two will be published Monday.

The Annals of Improbable Research gave us Ig® Nobel Limericks: Promotion, Ignition, Spaghetti.

And Flex Appeal: The Father of Modern Bodybuilding came to us from mental_floss magazine.

In the What Is It? game this week, the object in question is a fence twisting tool, it’s for applying the vertical or stay wires to the lateral wires of a fence, patented even. The first person who figured out what it was for was theoneoneandonly. The funniest answer came from trishlovesdolphins, who recognized her Mother’s Day gift:

This is the gift my husband gave me on Mother’s Day morning. It was so romantic, as I was receiving my card from my son, I heard him mumble “aw, crap.” Obviously, he forgot to wrap it. He ran out to the garage, he must have hidden it well because I heard all kinds of boxes being tossed around. I’m afraid to ask him what it is since he obviously put so much time and effort into choosing it, so if someone knows, please let me know. Right now, I’m just using it as a paper weight.

Both win t-shirts from the NeatoShop for their efforts! See the answers to all the mystery items of the week at the What Is It? blog. Thanks, to everyone who played, and watch for another What Is It game coming soon.

The most comments this week came to the post Is It Ethical To Pay Drug Addicts To Get Sterilized? David Isreal's post about the verbal crutch I Mean came in second, and in third place we had the All You Can Eat Dispute. They are all very provocative subjects!

Now, even if you check out Neatorama every day, you'll be tickled to find even more and different neat stuff at our Facebook page, like this cleverly-placed piece of pirate art. Check it out and join in the fun! When you're caught up on everything from this week, you can access past feature articles at The Best of Neatorama. And have a great weekend!

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