Meet the New Hip Car: The Crown Vic

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Ah, the Crown Vic. It's synonymous with the police car, grandpa's car .. and now, just as Ford has stopped production, the Crown Victoria is becoming a very hip car. Gale Holland of the Los Angeles Times explains:

Like a cockroach, however, the Crown Vic is resilient. It's already begun quietly colonizing civilian car culture, notably in Los Angeles County, where the number now in private hands — 38,000 — is second only to that in metropolitan New York, according to auto information company

This is confounding on multiple counts. The Crown Vic, the last of the roomy, rear-drive American sedans, is the ultimate grandma and grandpa car. Like the trucker cap before it, is irony its appeal?

The Crown Vic is dead. Long live the Crown Vic.

Perhaps the mystique of the Crown Vic can be summed up in this comment by a car forum commenter: "It just ... tickles me that there's a group about an ex-police vehicle modified for almost the exact opposite type of drivers and purposes."


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When you're talking about the Crown Vic, you're really talking about the Ford Panther platform, which also formed the underpinnings for the Ford LTD, Lincoln Continental and Town Car, the Ford Police Interceptor, the Mercury Marquis and Grand Marquis and the Mercury Marauder.

So there are a lot of things you can do with the basic platform, and a lot of parts out there for gearheads to tinker with.

As an added bonus, the Panther platform was comfortable and practical. Certainly miles ahead of its GM equivalent.
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Im from the town where they made them in canada, st. thomas. It was a given that they'd stop making these for probably 10 years but they always won awards for being the best overall production build quality of a car year after year. it was always a big bit of town pride that the majority of the police and taxi cabs used until economy became key was made in our town. since they left, most of the other jobs in town went too and it's slowly becoming a ghost town.
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The two largest metros in the US also have the two largest amounts of a particular type of car? Wow, I'm shocked!

Pretty sure it wasn't a Crown Vic, but the police car used in The KLF's video for Doctorin' the Tardis was pretty sweet. A friend recently bought a surplus police car for his art business. They decked it out to look like art police, though they couldn't add a lightbar.
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