Zookeepers Drank Elephants' Alcohol

The elephant keepers at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, ordered a supply of alcohol each of the past twenty years -for the elephants. They said theĀ  alcohol was necessary to calm the elephants down during mating season. The orders were filled each year, and listed under the elephant's food expense budget. But the elephants never drank the liquor.
The bills amounted Rs80,000 at maximum and minimum at Rs40,000.

Locally-manufactured liquor would be supplied to the zoo and the cost would be added to the food expense.

Veterinary doctors while speaking to Express News said that alcohol cannot be consumed by elephants.

Once that fact came to light, an investigation was opened. Two of the zookeepers have been suspended. Link (related video) -via Arbroath

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IIRC elephants are known to sometimes preferentially eat fermented fruits, and stumble around. If so, 'elephants cannot drink alcohol' may not be strictly true. Regardless, it's funny that they got away with this 'creative sinning' for so long.
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Gary, I think we saw the same movie: "Animals are the Funniest People."

On the other hand, having seen a drunken elephant, I would think that it would be very dangerous for the animal, as a fall could be fatal.
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What's sad is that the moeny could have gone to something that would have been beneficial for the elephants, and not an illegal perk for the keepers.
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