Cthulhu Bottle Opener

Cthulhu Bottle Opener - $12.95

Nothing livens up a party like the Lovecraftian undead. So to avoid the horror of a boring party, pop open a cold one with the Great Old One! Summon the Cthulhu Bottle Opener from the NeatoShop: Link

The Cthulhu Bottle Opener is made in the sacrificial altar of Odd Art Fabrications, a team of independent artists who specializes in making really neat stuff. Founder and lead fabricator Zach Manchester of OAF was kind enough to share with us the secret of how he summoned up, er... created the tentacled beast:

First, the product is sculpted in an oil based clay. Here, Zach finishes the top of a tentacle.

Read on ... if you dare!

The sculpture is placed onto a board and a ABS tube is secured around it.

Silicone rubber is measured out for the mold.

The silicone is then catalyzed and poured into the tube.

The tube is then placed into a pressure pot and allowed to cure overnight at 60 PSI.

Once the silicone is fully cured, the mold is removed from the tube.

The mold is then sliced open, and the sculpture is removed.

The mold is cleaned of any excess clay, and is ready for pouring. Now, let's summon the Cthulhu Bottle Opener!

A release agent is sprayed into the mold to both condition the rubber and allow easy removal of the casted part.

A metal bottle opener is positioned inside the mold.

The same release agent is sprayed onto the outside of the mold and it is pushed back inside its tube.

A two-part liquid urethane plastic is measured out into a cup.

The urethane is mixed thoroughly and poured into the mold.

The mold is then placed back into the pressure pot at 60 PSI. After the plastic cures to a rigid state, the mold is then removed from the pressure pot.

Using a modified drill press, the mold is pushed out of its tube.

The mold is spread and the part is carefully removed.

An exact replica of the original sculpture is produced in plastic.

The part then moves to the cleaning station, where flashing or imperfections are removed.

The part is then painted by hand.

The Cthulhu Bottle Opener is then painted by hand.

After the painting is complete, the Cthulhu Bottle Opener is spray-sealed and allowed to dry.

No humans reportedly were harmed in the making of the bottle opener worthy of the Ancient Ones, but I'm darned sure that there were more people at OAF before ...

Check out the Cthulhu Bottle Opener and other OAF creations over at the NeatoShop

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