Proof You Aren't Actually Reading All Those Privacy Policies

You can click all the boxes you want, but we all know you aren't really reading all those privacy policies you agree to online. How do I know that? Because scientists have estimated that the average internet user would spend a month every year reading all the policies for all the sites they visit and let's face it, you aren't sitting back and reading boring legalese that often.
They measure the length of privacy policies, ranging from just 144 words up to 7,669 words (median is around 2,500 words) and recognize that at a standard reading pace of 250 words per minute, most privacy policies take about eight to ten minutes to read. They also ran some tests to figure out how long it actually takes people to read and/or skim privacy policies.

They put all of this together and estimated that it would normally take a person about 244 hours per year to read every new privacy policy they encountered... and even 154 hours just to skim them.

So how many of these have you even skimmed in the past year?

Link Via BoingBoing

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"Proof You Aren't Actually Reading All Those Privacy Policies"

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