Laser Head Up Display

More and more cars are sporting the new-fangled head up display technology, but new colorful laser technologies by Microvision may finally make HUDs popular in cars:

Microvision's system uses a set of three lasers—red, green and blue—and a single, millimeter-wide silicon mirror that tilts on two axes. The lasers put out light at different intensities, and the three colors are mixed to produce the final pixel color. As the lasers shine light on the mirror, it rapidly scans horizontally and vertically, painting the image onto the windshield one pixel at a time. This happens so fast that the image looks static. Evans says that the lasers' pure, saturated colors result in more vivid images with a higher contrast ratio, so they are visible in daylight.


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DLP displays in TVs have some seriously irritating flicker that clearly shows the three colors when one's eyes flit about -- mounting one in a car where they eyes do nothing but flit about is probably less enjoyable than a static image indicates.

But lasers might let them bounce around the content enough so that one could focus on it and other cars simultaneously, which would be keen.
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All within reason... anything that fundamentally distracts a driver from looking where they 'should'... really must be banned. I don't think we need pictures of friends, the driver, whatever, appearing. All you need is speed and possible GPS directional indicators. The rest is an accident waiting to happen.
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