Don't Be That Guy At The Gym

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Anyone who has worked out in a gym will already be familiar with these annoying examples of alpha maleness-guys who use the gym as a platform to show the world how "cool" they really are, working the room while getting under everyone's skin as they feebly attempt to stroke their own ego.

So, the next time you encounter one of these turkeys while you're trying to shed those extra pounds, you can call them out by name and tell them to hit the showers!

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Great video!!!
Man, I am a magnet for the "coach" types.
I don't really care that they offer their "valuable" advice, but why do they feel I am obligated to do it their way, just because they said something?

The “meat heads” around me are nice guys, but if I didn’t have an iPod, I would blow my brains out having to listen to the constant talk about dietary supplements and what foods they are avoiding this week. I also crack up at the constant writing in their training logs of every freakin’ thing they do. I know they are tracking progress, but it sure seems to take the fun out of working out.
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I work at a gym. We have all of these guys (and gals) but not so extreme.

There's a sixth type that drives me even more nuts: THE CELL PHONE USER! We have it posted right on the wall that cell phone use is prohibited, but you wouldn't believe how upset people get when I enforce the rule. Put down the &*#^% phone and focus on what you're doing!
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I find some of the controversy surrounding Planet Fitness to be amusing, they have "No Lunking" rules and set off an alarm if someone is grunting, slamming weights down, and otherwise behaving like a d-bag.

The d-bag bodybuilder demographic criticizes them for catering to fatties and losers, which is the sort of condescending criticism of others that the rules are theoretically supposed to end.

That said, I'm really not sure why a fitness club would provide free pizzas on certain evenings each week, or why they'd hand out candy (as Planet Fitness also apparently does) unless it's to keep their patrons in need of their services.
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