The $12,000 Speaker Cables

Think that Monster Cables are pricey? Take a gander at this: the $12,000 Transparent Reference XL Speaker Cables. That's right - $12K.

Just one of the many Crazy Expensive  Stuff from the High-End Audio Show in New York from Cool Material blog: Link - Thanks Mike!

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No one's ears are that good. Blinded tests show that even the "experts" can't tell the difference between this stuff and lamp cord. It's a "transparent" scam.
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Back a long time ago... I had to look them up cuz I didn't know if they existed anymore or not, but they do... I worked worked here -

We easily had 20,000$ cables. Looks like they still manufacture some of the same things still. In any case, we would have liquid and sand filled cables. The owner had a secret to the fluid that we used. Competitors tried to figure it out. Not sure if it's still a secret anymore, but I never knew what it was.

There was only a few of us that worked there at the time, but my job was to make the entire cable from scratch... that included cutting tubing, soldering the workings and dressing them up all pretty. It was probably one of the most rewarding things ever to finish a pair. :)
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