How to Peel a Potato in Ten Seconds

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Let a boiled potato cool to 112°F. Drench it in 45° ice water. Wait five seconds, then yank the skin off. Do you think that this trick will work?

-via Bit Rebels

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Of course this would work, its essentially the same as blanching potatoes before you make cheese eating surrender monkey sticks..

The drenching in cold water makes the starch firm and contract, losing the skin... also makes the remaining potato crunchier after cooking
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Having read this article, the linked article, and viewed the video, I'm still unclear about this. I originally thought it was about "How to Peel a Potato" but it's apparently about "How to Peel a Boiled Potato". There's a difference.

Although it's still a neat trick, this seems mostly useless and would end up being more work (for me at least).

Let's say you were making mashed potatoes. After boiling the potatoes, you then have to WAIT for the water to cool by 100 degrees. How long does that take? You then have to get a bunch of ice (which doesn't exist at in my freezer), wait for it to cool down, dump the potatoes (one by one) into the ice bath, peel them, then put them back in the pot. By this time they're cooled down, more difficult to mash, won't easily melt the butter I put in, etc....

Some of their other videos seem more useful.
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