Glowing Life-Size Glass Skeleton Sculpture

This glass skeleton is not only a visual treat, thanks to the glowing Krypton gas flowing through the "bones", it's also a feat of sculptural engineering, since it was made in ten different sections that had to be interconnected in what must have been a rather tedious process. Created by sculptor Eric Franklin, Embodiment is the culmination of over 1,000 hours of work and stands 78 inches tall.

Here's a bit from Eric on how it was made:
Every glass seal has to be perfect, and this piece contains hundreds. Everywhere one tube joins another, or a tube terminates, glass tubes were sealed together. They have to be perfect in order to preserve the luminosity of the krypton. If one rogue molecule gets inside the void of the glass tubing it can eventually contaminate the gas and it will no longer glow.

There are times when the holes in the seals are so small that you cannot actually see them with your eyes without the help of a leak detector. Once the glass pieces are ready to get filled with gas, I pull a high vacuum while the glass is hot in order to evacuate any dust or water vapor from the interior surface until there are literally no molecules inside the void of the glass.Then the krypton can be introduced and the glass sealed off. It's an extremely tedious process, one I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with.

I guess making this awesome work of art wasn't a real gas, I just hope Eric is noble enough to accept the praises that are sure to flow his way!

Link  --via i09

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"Glowing Life-Size Glass Skeleton Sculpture"

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