20 Fantabulous Hunger Games Arts & Crafts

If you haven’t already heard, thanks to all the non-stop commercials and serious internet buzz, The Hunger Games just hit theaters today. In honor of what is already the biggest book/movie series since Harry Potter, here are some fun and fantastic arts and crafts based on the series.


Catching Fire Poster

I have to admit that my favorite fan art creations were those created by Etsy seller PurpleCowPosters. Just look at the simplistic design and the great use of texture on this poster and it’s easy to see why.

District 12 Poster

In fact, I couldn’t just pick one design from PurpleCowPosters, so I thought I’d include this design for District 12 just to show off the serious skills used in their creations. In fact, even if you don’t really dig The Hunger Games, I highly recommend visiting their store where there are over 100 cool posters for a variety of movies and TV shows available for sale.


What happens if you mix the Obama campaign posters by Shepard Fairey with The Hunger Games? You get this fantastic Snow poster by Tumblr user Pixhunter.

Gary Ross’s The Hunger Games

With the subtle tree imagery in the background and the shockingly bright mockingjay front and center, this poster, by Bart Van Ackooij is as beautiful as it is striking.

Hunger Games Poster

Yes, it might look like a manga cover than a poster for the upcoming film, but regardless of what the design actually looks like, there’s little debate as to the quality of art in this great piece by RatGirlStudios.

Show Them How Good You Are

Tumblr user Lawtcherson captures the true spirit of the games in this fantastic minimalist poster.

Katniss Everdeen

Maybe it’s just me, but few artworks really capture just how deadly Katniss can be, but this one, by DeviantArt user Pungang, does so perfectly –even if she does slightly resemble Lara Croft in the process.

Healers and Victims

While there are plenty of fan art pieces depicting Katniss as Peeta, it sure is refreshing to see another character represented, particularly Prim. In this particular piece by DeviantArt user Jenimal, Prim is rushing to help the injured right when she hears Katniss scream her name.

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark

This digital painting by DeviantArt user Palnk manages to not only depict Katniss and Peeta, but it also does an excellent job at hinting at the complexities of their relationship.

Hunger Games Art

On the other hand, this creation, by Noelle Stevenson, showing the pair together doesn’t hint at any deeper relationship issues, but it does show just what a deadly team the two can make together.


Katniss's Interview Dress

For those that really want to get into the characters from the book, Etsy seller arabydesigns has an incredible take on Katniss’s interview dress as it is described in the book. The design features a number of flame-inspirations and is adorned with over 1000 acrylic gems, making it totally unforgettable.

Arrow, Mockingjay and Pearl Pocket Watch Necklace

There are actually quite a few Hunger Games jewelry pieces out there, but this one, by Etsy seller Shininggift is one of the coolest as it doesn’t beat you over the head with symbols from the movie, but it still has enough charms to make it immediately recognizable to any other fan.

Hunger Games Nail Art

(Video Link)

Yes, there already is an official Hunger Games line of nail polish, but if you really want to wear your fandom on your sleeve, skip the marketing and follow IHaveACupcake’s lead by painting Hunger Games art on your nails instead.

 The Hunger Games Trilogy Shoes

Artist Nanette Catigbe wanted to thank her niece for introducing her to the series with this great set of custom-painted Vans. Of course, it wasn’t long before enough people started begging her to add them to her Etsy shop and now you can buy your own pair of customized Hunger Games shoes from her.

Hunger Games/Catching Fire Vans

Unfortunately, Nanette’s shoes are pretty darn expensive at $180 a pair, so if you’d like to save some money and get a pair of shoes that are just as cool, albeit a little less intricate, head over to Nickinverted’s Etsy shop where you can grab these bad boys for only $80.


Hunger Games Arena Cross Stitch

Without giving away any spoilers, it’s enough to say that Jenna Dickes put a lot of effort into this arena cross stitch to ensure that everything that happens in the books is inside her creation. She admits that the design is certainly not canonical, given that she had to squeeze everything to fit nicely in the hoop, but the spirit of the story and the events therein are perfectly represented here.

Knitted Mockingjay Pin

Technically, this mockingjay design could also go up in the fashion section, given that it is a pin, but it’s the knitted design that makes the design so memorable. If you want to make your own, creator Dawn of Chicks Who Give A Hoot has added the pattern to the site’s shop so you can, or you can just buy the pre-knitted version.

District By District Crochet Blanket

When it comes to great Hunger Games crochet projects, I couldn’t find anyone better than Shywalker. In fact, the crafter has way too many crochet creations to list here so if you like her work then visit her post on the Craftster forum or the DeviantArt page linked to next. For now though, here is my personal favorite of her many Hunger Games crochet blankets, as it features each district, along with a picture representing their particular skill sets.

Katniss Everdeen Amigurumi

If you’re a sucker for adorable amigurumi characters though, then you’ll certainly enjoy Shywalker’s take on Katniss Everdeen as a cute little crocheted plushie.


Cookies for The Hunger Games

There aren’t many Hunger Games food projects worth linking to (yet), but Lizy B.’s cute cookies based on the books are simply too wonderful to ignore.

How many of you saw the movie today? Did it live up to the book? Do we have any haters in the audience who couldn’t stand the books or the new movie?

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Funny thing is I'd never even heard of the Hunger Games before, but it's somehow immensely popular. SOunds like a tween rehash of a very old sci-fi premise.
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That's pretty much what it is. It's not bad. Better than Twilight.

There's no way mockingjays could exist though. Jays and mockingbirds could never hybridize.
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