The Pendulum

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This beautiful, bittersweet love story is the most touching thing you'll see all day. It uses no words. But it doesn't need them.

Love, like everything else in life, can be messy. The pendulum in the clock keeps swinging anyway. You can't stop it.

-via Kotaku

I agree with Charybdis's interpretation -- although the man seems like an angry person in general. He's not a wholly sympathetic figure: a violent, adulterous alcoholic. He's messed up, and he knows it.

It's a story of redemption.
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*points* What Kay said.
All I got from this is that the guy is a complete a-hole that treats his wife like crap when things go bad... and she takes it like a good little brainless wife.
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Just my take on this. I think that they start out happy, but because of his stressful job, the guy ends of becoming an alcoholic, abusive, unfaithful husband. Then, after he realizes how wrong he was, he runs back to his wife. In the end he reunites with her happily, but he wants to literally push back time and right the wrongs he commited. But his wife forgives him for his sins, and then they die together, happily.
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It looks to me like the guy is a complete jerk, has a serious temper issue with work and his wife and she stays with him anyway smiling all the time. I just find this upsetting and very sad for the woman.
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What I see is that a man is almost always in a bad mood, probably because he has a job, or once did, or something, and the woman never has a bad day (except when her husband hits her), probably because she doesn't have a job. Is that what this is about?
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"The Pendulum"

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