Public Bus vs. School Bus

Like I tell my kids, you could always choose the alternative: walk to school. Comic by Jeff Wysaski at Pleated-Jeans. Link

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Having been on a subway when a homeless man used the door as a urinal, I don't think that -1 is a sufficient penalty for that violation. Should be more like -10.
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Have to correct the graph a bit.
The kids in the front seats of the school bus are the delinquents, who keep getting referrals.
Some states require school busses that seat less than 20 to have seatbelts. however, it is the delinquents who have figured out how to whack their seat ate with the seatbelt. So there might be a plus.
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I rode a commuter bus for several years, so the riff raff was pretty minimal. We had free wifi, hibacked padded seats, heating and air conditioning, and drivers who would kick the jerkwads off. So I'd have to rate that bus way above the schoolbus.
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School bus runs only twice a day, and you can only get off in two places, school or home. Of course, that is fine for school, but outside of that the public bus rules, despite a cost and often used by the lower ends of society. One of the benefits is some passengers are adults, and you can go where ever they stop.
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"Public Bus vs. School Bus"

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