Cheating Fail

Busted! If you're gonna peek at someone else's answers, make sure the numbers line up. Or better yet, study a little and get your own grades. Link

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That teacher needs a grammar lesson. He/she also needs to be less coneescending.

I hope the teacher knew for certain that it was a case of copying and not simply an error on the student's part.

The "Did you just guess this?" seems a little mean-spirited. Not knowing the circumstances or even what level the questions were, it's really hard to say.
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I almost received a zero for cheating in 11th grade English. If the teacher thought there was cheating going on, it was her policy to give zeros to both students since she couldn't know who copied off of who. In my case the girl behind me copied my answers but didn't know that I make up crazy answers if I don't know the correct one. It became obvious that she was the one doing the copying when my usual wise guy answers like "the milkman" or "Ronald Reagan" were used for questions about who wrote particular poems.

It did bug me a bit that I almost received a zero when I wasn't cheating nor helping the cheater cheat but in the end it was simply too funny to be upset.
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"Cheating Fail"

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