World Record Guinea Pig Jump

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A guinea pig in Rosyth, Fife, Scotland, named Truffles took a leap into the record books in front of Guinness-appointed witnesses, his 13-year-old owner Chloe Macari, and her scout troop. Truffles jumped for neither fame nor fortune, but for his favorite snack, cucumber. The jump was measured at 30 centimeters, which was 10 centimeters more than the previous record set in 2009. When Macari learned of the 2009 record, she knew her guinea pig could jump further, and petitioned Guinness officials for a chance to prove it. Truffles now goes into the record book, and Macari earned credit toward a community events scout badge. Link -via Arbroath

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I think my newly adopted guinea pig could give that pig a run for its money. Sprout jumps all over the pig condo and really high too.

Hmmm.....must train guinea pig to beat world record and then to world domination. Wait, I think that was a movie...
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Like all these weird records it's just the longest jump measured by Guinness, not the longest ever performed. We had a GP who could easilly jump further than that, but then he was a much bigger piggy than that one.

One of his favourite tricks was jumping clear over a sofa cushion that was laid on the floor in front of him. Not only was the cushion longer than a foot it's shape meant he would have to jump even further than that to clear it.
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