Six Underappreciated Comedies More People Need To See

The world has so many more feature films available than you'll ever know if you just browse the TV listings or Red Box. There are many reasons the movies in this list are considered "underappreciated": it may be old, released as video only, contained unknown actors when it was released, or it may be, as in the case of the New Zealand movie Black Sheep, a foreign film.
Probataphobia is the fear of sheep. It is a real thing, and at least NONE of my friends suffer from it, which makes this movie timely and socially conscious as well.

I also have to give props to Oliver Driver for his performance as the lead in this film. It is his palpable fear of sheep that makes this movie so damn funny. We all know someone with an irrational fear (I fear that Bethesda will one day make a glitch free game), and to take the idea of that fear and make it something worth fearing was quite well played, even though it’s just for laughs.

Yes, this list is an opinion piece, but take a look; you might find something right up your alley. Link

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I had a themed birthday party around this movie one year! We called it Black Sheep night, and I decorated chocolate cupcakes to look like they were demonic sheep. It's a great flick!
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Reading Neatorama because it is an awesome site, and then stumbling across an article I wrote. A very cool moment in my life, I must say. Thanks,Miss Cellania! Oh, and thanks for the kind words guys, thought I was gonna get torn apart for the UHF inclusion on the list, but people have been awesome.
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Haha, I was prepared to write a screed, "how could the author have overlooked UHF?" But there it is! In black and white!

Somehow a movie with Victoria Jackson and Fran Drescher turned out to be my favorite. Keven McCarthy does evil very well, John Paragon is evil plus suckup, Trinidad Silva's goofy animal enthusiast piece gets me every time, and Michael Richardson owns slapstick. Vance Colvig and Billy Barty are awesome. And poor David Bowe -- playing the straight man is so easily overlooked, but he did it well.

Nice list Remy; including UHF gives the other suggestions weight.
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