White Castle Now Offering Wine

The US fast food chain White Castle, known for its tiny square hamburgers, is now offering wine pairings at selected locations. Here's one customer's experience at a restaurant in Lafayette, Indiana:

At the counter, Ms. Merritt ordered three cheeseburgers and the full complement of wines: four, in seven-ounce bottles. The burgers cost $2.49, the wine $18. A staffer carried the wine to a booth, twisted open the screw-tops and set out clear-plastic glasses. Table service enhances the ambience (and is required by state law).

Ms. Merritt began with the Merlot, from Barefoot Cellars, and deemed it "good." Of the Chardonnay, she said, "The fruit's there instead of the butter." The Moscato was "fun." Then came the "sweet red," a blend. "It's red," said Ms. Merritt. "It's sweet."

The Merlot, she decided, paired best with the burgers. She ate two. Eyeing the leftovers, she said, "At some point that was a cow, I guess."

Link -via The Agitator | Photo: Flickr user Like_the_Grand_Canyon

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Er, Um, it is NOT necessary in Indiana to serve alcoholic beverages at the customer's table. There are no provisions in Indiana Code section 17.1 prohibiting customers from ordering a drink at the bar and taking it to the table (as is commonly done in, say, Britain).

Serving at the table is strictly White Castle's choice. Many times a retail establishment will blame the law for inconveniences they impose on their customers but heck, table service at a White Castle should be considered a benefit.

Another example, many groceries insist on seeing ID for all alcohol or tobacco sales when the law in Indiana says carding is necessary only when the customer looks to be under 40 years old. They may be covering their butt but they are lying to their customers.
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This is pretty forwards thinking for the USA isn't it? All we hear about in the UK are the Draconian alcohol laws in the US. Non of out fast food places serve alcohol.
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