21 Ways to Fix the Academy Awards Show

The Oscars will be presented this coming Sunday evening. The Academy Awards presentation show has been losing viewers steadily for many years, mainly because it's long and boring. It’s harder every year to get viewers to sit through four hours of Hollywood patting itself on the back. The Daily Beast presents 21 suggestions for making it more exciting. Of course, making the show shorter is on there -that's a given. But the number one suggestion is:

I am NOT saying that you have to drink to have a good time—do you hear that, kids? BUT, the Golden Globes and the Spirit Awards do seem to move faster and offer a bit more joie de vivre. Certainly many of us at home are imbibing, so perhaps in-seat service for those in the theater is worth trying. They do it at Rock of Ages, plus, no one is driving home—that’s what all those limos are for.  Drink Responsibly.

I want to thank the Academy for reading the entire list. Link

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People still watch these things?
If anything good happens.. it will be online the next day and talked about to death.
If ya wanna know who wins... same as above minus the talked about to death part.
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Call me old-fashioned, but I love the Oscars just how they are. I love seeing the technical award folks get their moment in the sun, I love the goofy "ad-libbed" speeches by actors who are used to having their words written for them. I love the montages, I love the best song performances, I love the host's opening monologue. OK, I could get rid of the inane chit-chat between stars before each category is introduced, but at least it gives me time to get back from the bathroom.
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