The Drug Avengers Are Here To Save Us From Ourselves

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This hilariously bad PSA from 1988 is called The Drug Avengers, and centers around a group of time traveling squares who want to help humanity join the Galactic Federation by abolishing drug use across the globe, even though they never seem to get past the suburbs of America.

This short features some awful animation, ridiculous messages like "adults handle depression by eating cookies, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes", and really never seems to give a valid reason not to do drugs. And the alien creature that accompanies The Drug Avengers looks like a drug influenced hallucination, so I don't know what the creators were smoking when they came up with this little gem of a cartoon!

--via ComicsAlliance

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I totally get their message because smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol is totally different then doing real "drugs".

I mean noone has ever become addicted to tobacco or alcohol and both of these substances have never killed anyone (other then the 100,000+ americans that day every year from tobacco caused illness)

Thank you drug avengers for setting the record straight.
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Anti-drug PSAs are actually a pro-drug lobbyist conspiracy to make anti-drug groups look like a bunch of morons. Or maybe they just are a bunch of idiots since they keep making shit like this.
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