John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Useless Comments

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As a hilarious comedian, gentleman, scholar, and founding member of the seminal sketch comedy troupe Monty Python, John Cleese hasn't lost a bit of his prize winning wit, even after over 40 years in the business. Now, he's come back to answer to the worst kind of modern critic-the YouTube commenter. Sit back and have a laugh as John Cleese carefully considers your useless comments.

--via The Mary Sue

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Well there, pardner, why don't you just mosey on back to England and pay all the taxes you saved when you ran over to the good old USA? BTW, be sure to watch the BBC for unbiased news and commentary.LOL
Pompous twit.
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He certainly does love to debase all things America, doesn't he. He fancies himself as such a deeply intellectual man but as yet all he's done in the entirety of his adult life is act silly. He has certainly profited from simply being silly to be sure, but he hasn't done anything else at all, has he.

Interesting that with all his mental prowess and dizzying intellect he hasn't cured cancer, or perfected cold fusion, or anything else whatsoever that benefits mankind on the whole in any way. I'd have thought that by now he'd at least have used his superior intelligence to solve at least one problem vexing mankind. Just one. But no, he's done nothing else at all, but act silly. Which is enough, I suppose, if you're completely self-centered and all you're interested in doing is enriching yourself.
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SD Tom - Considering the immense amount of pleasure a lot of people have derived from John Cleese "acting silly", I think he's done a hell of a lot of "benefit to mankind". Without art and laughter our life is numb, no matter how mechanically perfect our existence. But I do agree his tone is somewhat grating and patronizing. I wish that after his observation of some stupid people being too stupid to realize they're stupid, he admitted that some intelligent people are so wrapped up in the knowledge of their intelligence that they fail to notice when they start mouthing stupid things...
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The interview seems to be questions mostly from Americans, so it is kind of hard not to have answers about America.

Someone said they thought the "Parrot Sketch" was stupid and liked Jeff Dunham better. I think the question was tongue-and-cheek, but Cleese was polite and offered that Jeff Dunham was probably great.

He is a comedian, and answered the questions put to him, in what I thought was a gracious tone. He doesn't like Fox News, but that doesn't mean he hates the US. Maybe he is a John Stewart / Colbert fan?
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Funny that criticizing Fox News and people like Sarah Palin qualifies as "debasing all things American." As far as I'm concerned, they and their ilk do not represent the America I love.

@Morris - Just a friendly note: I believe the term is "tongue in cheek."
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