MC Chris Is Finally Getting His Own Cartoon Show

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I've been a huge fan of MC Chris ever since he provided the voice for MC PeePants on the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and this guy was one of the originators of Nerdcore Hip Hop, second only to the mastermind MC Frontalot, with songs like Fette's Vette and nrrrd grrrl, so it's no surprise that he's been given his own animated series.

It looks to be full of zombies, dorky humor and all manner of madness fresh from MC Chris' overactive imagination.You can't tell a whole lot from this teaser trailer, but it's a cartoon written by MC Chris, so I'm on board-twice.

--via Topless Robot

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Nothing against MC Chris (who I think is a super bad ass) but to say he "single-handedly brought Nerdcore to Hip Hop" ignores the existence of MC Frontalot, who has albums and albums of Nerdcore Hip Hop, started recording Nerdcore albums TWO YEARS before MC Chris, and happily accepts the label. MC Chris has resisted the nerdcore label many times.
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True, both men are badassery incarnate, but MC Chris released his first album four years before Frontalot, which means waaaaaay more people were exposed to his nerdy brand of hip hop before most people even knew the name Frontalot. And it's true that Frontalot released his song Nerdcore Hiphop in 2000 and is the originator of the term Nerdcore, and MC Chris prefers to think of himself as a gangsta, but really would Frontalot have gotten as much attention without MC Chris leading the way?
And dear Dave, in case you don't know by now, we who write for the interwebs tend to exaggerate a lil bit here and there, so if you're going to go around disputing every claim that something is the "cutest ever" or "lamest ever" or "single-handedly did x, y or z" then you're going to be a busy man! Frontalot is amazing, I have nothing but respect for him, but MC Chris had Adult Swim notoriety behind him, which made it easier for him to blow up. Frontalot had to ride the waves in that MC Chris had created, and now he's taken Nerdcore farther than anyone else, so I'm glad he was allowed to come out of the library and do his thang. So your argument has been defeated like a Conan O'Brien fan correction-better luck next time!
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If you say so - Wikipedia has Frontalot releasing recordings 2 years before Chris. So, um Which MC Chris record are you talking about? Frontalot's Song Fight recordings were released in 99 and ... (Ripped straight from wikipedia)


In 2000 he released the song "Nerdcore Hiphop". The song became an immediate hit in the geek and nerd communities. The rap subgenre of nerdcore hip hop, which had been around though unnamed beforehand, embraced the title and has since been expanding rapidly."

So, you know, as long as bloggers make exaggerated claims like, something is the “cutest ever” or “lamest ever” or “single-handedly did x, y or z” some nerd will probably jump on them. I don't need to be that busy, I'm on the internet, and there are millions of us.

I don't mean to start a Nerd Fight here, but you are the one who brought Conan into this.
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Out of respect for your researching skills, and mad love for MC Frontalot (who I feel is a lyrically gifted mastermind) I'm going to do something Conan could never bring himself to do on the show-I'm going to correct this travesty and edit the article! I love love love me some Frontalot AND some MC Chris, but I also appreciate a solid stance backed up with a quote ripped straight from wikipedia ;)
Frontalot-sorry I ever doubted your role in the origin of Nerdcore, and your flows keep me smiling on a daily basis. Dave, you are the victor of this particular Nerd Battle, but I'll be back! *shakes fist angrily at the sky*
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