Simphabet: The Simpsons Alphabet

Love The Simpsons? Check out the Simphabets, created by Fabian Gonzalez (who we have featured previously on Neatorama a number of times): Link

Now can someone list the entire characters featured? I'm bewildered about that "T" and "X"

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'T' is Troy McClure. You may remember him from such educational films as "Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun" and "Firecrackers: The Silent Killer".
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A = Grandpa Abe
B = Bart Simpson
C = Mr. Charles Burns
D = Dr. Hibbert
E = Edna Krabappel
F = Millhouse as Fall Out Boy
G = Groundskeeper Willie
H = Homer Simpson
I = Itchy
J = Jimbo Jones
K = Krusty the Clown
L = Lisa Simpson
M = Marge and Maggie Simpson
N = Ned Flanders
O = Otto Man
P = Patty Bouvier
Q = Mayor Quimby
R = Ralph Wiggons
S = Snowball
T = I think this is suppose to be the Jesus character in the shape of a cross?
U = Uter Zorker
V = Kirk and Luann Van Houten
W = Waylon Smithers
X = I think they had an African tribesman character
y = Reverend Lovejoy
Z = ?
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T is for Tim Lovejoy

X is Xtapalataketl (sp?), the Olmec stone head Bart got as a reward for donating blood to Burns

Y is Yes Guy (
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