A Water Bottle That Kills Bacteria On The Go

Want to make sure that you have clean drinking water at all times, without having to carry around a bunch of brand name water? Then you'll want to get your hands on one of these 'All Clear' water bottles by Camelbak. Here's how it works:

The LCD screen on the cap pretty much walks you through it. It counts down the 60 seconds it takes to purify the water and includes information about your battery life. The only thing you have to do is swish the water around while the bulb zaps your water to ensure all the water is treated and you are good to go. The UV bulb is supposed to kill the bulk of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa -- in fact all but .01 percent of each type of intestinal nightmare per 25 ounces of water, according to stats released by the company.

The UV bulb is projected to last for 10,000 cycles that should clean approximately 101 ounces of water a day for seven years. Plus, the battery is rechargeable.

This bottle is a must have for the adventurer who doesn't want to get caught with their pants down, or anyone who wants to make sure their water isn't full of nasty little critters.

--via Geekologie

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If you want to use your own water bottle, you can get a SteriPen. It's a portable little pen-like device that does the same thing. There are several versions and it has been around forever. I'd bet that SteriPen makes this bottle for Camelback.

Also, you really need to also filter your water through a carbon filter. UV won't get rid of everything you want to get rid of.
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I'm a Microbiologist and I made a PhD on water borne bacteria anv viruses. If I were you, I would only use this bottle with pure water. You better not try it with no tested water, you cand easily end with intestinal infection.

The UV radiation only works in long time cycles (>10 min). And even at the time, if it kills 99% of bacteria it still leaves 1%, so if there are 10000 bacteria in the bottle (wich is a reasonable amount even in medium quality tap water) you still would have 100 at the end of the treatment. If there were pathogenic bacteria in there, that amount is more than enough to get you an infection.

So, in conclusion. Don't fall for that techie water bottle, it's a fake. And for God's sake, don't send it to the population in the world with no access to clean drinking water.
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I use the Steripen. Works great, never been sick. I use at restaurants in china, vietnam, cambodia. just make sure to take the ice out.

In my opinion, BPA is not very bad, and it was a media sham that got everyone to buy new bottles. What a waste. this one is BPA-free.
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