15 Romantic Records Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, it’s still pretty easy to get swept away in the romantic spirit of Valentine's Day. In honor of the holiday, let’s take a look at some of the most romantic world records ever achieved.

Longest Kiss

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I don’t know about you guys, but I would need a serious Chap Stick infusion after kissing someone for 46 and a half hours. The couple, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, was part of a contest held in Thailand in 2011, which led to seven couples breaking the existing record of 32 hours that was set back in 2009.

 Longest Underwater Kiss

It takes two people who can both hold their breath for a long while to break this record, which is why it is so impressive that Italians Michele Fucarino and Elisa Lazzarini were able to hold their breath while kissing for 3 minutes and 24 seconds.

Longest Underwater Mouth-to-Mouth Kiss

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While the Italian couple may have set the record for longest underwater kiss without breathing, Antonio de la Rosa Suarez holds a different but equally impressive record for kissing underwater. In his case, two women took turns kissing him while passing air to him. He stayed down there for 7 minutes, which seems like a relatively short record given that he was allowed to breathe during the process. Maybe one of you guys could take a crack at this one.

Most Expensive Kiss

Love Sharon Stone? Not as much as Joni Rimm apparently. Rimm actually shelled out $50,000 for one kiss with the actress, who offered up a lick-smacking session as part of a charity auction supporting Project Angel Foods, a charity dedicated to providing free meals for people with HIV and AIDS.

Most Simultaneous Underwater Marriages

As if having a giant wedding ceremony wasn’t romantic enough, the fact that 34 couples opted to exchange wedding vows underwater on Valentine’s Day makes this one sweet occasion, even if kissing the bride 33 feet underwater isn’t exactly an easy proposition.

Longest Hug

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It seems strange, but the world’s longest hug was actually almost a full day shorter than the world’s longest kiss. At only 24 hours and 33 minutes, it seems that this record, held by Ron O’Neil and Theresa Kerr, is just begging to be broken –so if you want to get in the book, better start locking arms now.

Longest Hug Marathon

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Did you know that January 21 is National Hugging Day? Six couples in the UK certainly were when they worked to break the record for longest hug marathon on the cuddly holiday. The hugging marathon lasted for 24 hours and 44 minutes, although two of the couples dropped out as they broke their hugs during the marathon.

If you’re wondering what makes a hug marathon different from a regular hugging record, it’s the simple fact that marathoners are permitted to take a five minute long break every hour, which they can save up for a longer break if they want. Given that this record is only 11 minutes longer than the longest hug record and it allows you breaks for food and bathroom time, it seems like it might be even easier to break.

Largest Group Hug

Of course, if you don’t want to hug just one person for an extended period, you can always opt to be part of the largest hug. The current record involved 10,554 participants hugging in Ottawa in 2010. That’s a whole lot of arms!

Most Hugs In A 24 Hour Period

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For those with a lot of love to share though, you can always try hugging lots of strangers, opting to achieve the most hugs in a 24 hour period. This record seems pretty hard to break though, given that the current record holder, Jeff Ondash, managed to get in 7,777 hugs in only 24 hours while standing outside of a Vegas casino on Valentine’s Day.

Oldest Couple to Get Married

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that record breaking requires a youthful vigor. In fact, many are awarded to the oldest people to participate in a given activity. In the case of the oldest couple to get married, based on their aggregate age, the record goes to Francois Frenandez and Madeleine Francineau who were married in 2002 at the ages of 96 and 94, respectively.

Longest Marriage

As for the couple who tested out the “til death do us part” section of their vows more than any other couple, that goes to Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, who were married for over 86 years. If 60 years is the Diamond Anniversary, does anyone know what the 80th is?

Most Marriage Vow Renewals

While they may not be anywhere close to the longest marriage record, Lauren and David Blair have celebrated the most vow renewals –exchanging vows over 100 times after only having been married 27 years. While it might sound like overkill, just think of all the great honeymoons the couple got to enjoy.

The Oldest Cultivated Decorative Plant

To be fair, this one doesn’t sound romantic by the title, but the fact that roses have been cultivated for their beauty longer than any other plant is pretty impressive and adds an impressive context to a Valentine’s Day bouquet. The flowers have been grown since at least 50 AD, when the Romans started growing them in plantations and hot houses to ensure a year-round supply.

Image Via alice_ling [Flickr]

Largest Chocolate

Want some chocolates to go with your flowers? Well, nothing would impress your date quite like the world’s largest chocolate. Created by Hershey’s in 2007, this massive Kiss weighed in at 30,540 pounds. Better hope he or she doesn’t try to eat it all in one sitting or you might just spend Valentine’s Day in the ER.

Image Via vanderwal [Flickr]

Most Expensive Diamond

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then the 100 carat diamond that sold for $16,561,171 in 1995 must be the best friend a gal could ever hope for.

So, any of you think you could break some of these records? Personally, the only one I think I’d ever want to be involved with would be the bear hug. I just don’t think I could deal with kissing someone for over 24 hours at a time.

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