The Best Smelling Bus Stop In Town

Nothing says "waiting for the bus" like the smell of baked potatoes. Okay, clearly that sentence didn't make sense, and people usually don't want to think about food while they're waiting for the bus. And the sad truth is this bus stop is probably going to smell like the worst scents a human beings can muster in a few weeks anyway, so why bother with a gimmicky ad?

Well, the folks at McCain Foods are betting that these bus stop ads, with the scent of a baked potato available at the push of a button, will help them sell their Ready Made Jacket Potatoes.And there are coupons available, in case you decide to grab a box on the way home.

Maybe they're on to something, but I've personally never wanted to think about food while waiting for the bus, and bus stops in my town tend to be akin to outhouses, without that crucial front door. But what do you think-are scented advertisements a good idea, or are they a real stinker?


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" I’ve personally never wanted to
think about food while waiting for the bus"

Man, I'm not sure I can go more than thirty seconds without thinking about tacos.
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Ready made potatoes? Good grief, a baked potato is as easy as it gets, for an easy-to-make lazy person food. People really have no ability to plan ahead (for extra time?)
Take potato. Rinse potato in water. Spray a little oil on it (or not to save calories).Wrap potato in tin foil. Throw in oven (not literally) for 45 minutes @ 400 degrees F. Done.
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"The Best Smelling Bus Stop In Town"

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