Steve Jobs Is Back, And He Is Not Alone

By now you've discovered that the man in the picture is not Steve Jobs, but rather a mutton chopped Asian man impersonating the tech superstar.

However, that thing standing next to him has to be a cyborg, a real life cybernetic organism, although I'm pretty sure it must be quite underpowered since it's been constructed out of Mac parts.

In true Macborg fashion it won't be compatible with 80% of the world, it will be impossible to fix once broken, and don't even thinkĀ  about upgrading- if you want more memory you're just going to have to break down and buy a new one every four or five years.

But it sure is shiny, and clean looking, with lots of white and silver bits and a fruit shaped logo, that counts for something, right?


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Apple has replaced $3,000 worth of items on my Mac in & outside of warranty, (dead pixel = free new laptop screen, chipped corner I did = free case replacement, faulty video card = free new one) and I was able to upgrade mine just fine. :) Also, haven't found anything that's not compatible and still worth a darn. Final Cut = Mac Only.
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@ German Guy: It's not okay to make fun of the rest of the IT world. Yet PC users still attack mac users to the point that they get upset and respond.

What I have learned is:
PC users are two types; trolls and apathetic people. You do not feed the trolls and the other 97% don't care. The trolls fall into the two-sub-categories: the clueless still living in the 90's and those that just love getting people riled up.

Mac users are three types; overreactive people, trolls, and apathetic people. The latter two are the same as their PC counterparts. While the overreactive people are often genuinely confused and hurt by the PC trolls.

As for me, I've used a lot of systems in my time. They all suck.
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Yes we 'understand' Neatorama out and out Loathes Apple, now can u actually post something of value?

No? I didn't think so...

Move along folks, nothing to see here that wasnt old news in 2002
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"Steve Jobs Is Back, And He Is Not Alone"

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