10 Cool and Frightening Facts About Ants

Antdude, if you've been waiting for an article to be specifically dedicated to only you, here you go. Of course, even those of you who aren't insect/human hybrids will be sure to enjoy io9's fascinating article featuring 10 frightening facts about ants. For example, did you know:
Ants have already survived a mass extinction event
The Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event is thought to have occurred approximately 65 million years ago following an absolutely massive impact event. Widely regarded as the downfall of the dinosaurs (and, incidentally, the rise of mammals), the years following the KT-extinction event are actually believed to have been a time of incredibly rapid speciation and worldwide expansion for ants, marking what researchers Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson call "a rise to ecological dominance."

Really, there's a good chance ants will outlive humans as well.


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In a basement somewhere, a giggling hacker is developing strong-AI-driven social nanobots that will eliminate all social insects — and perhaps us humans, too.
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"10 Cool and Frightening Facts About Ants"

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