Travel Words That Should Exist But Don't

Wish there were words to describe how you feel while you travel the globe? The Lonely Planet blog coined some brand new travel-related words that may come in handy in your next journey:

automobilogic n.
The state of mind unique to road trips that convinces travelers that gummi bears and fried onion rings count as a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. Studies indicate that this may lead to automobesity.

bratpacker n.
Someone who believes they have a revolutionary system for packing luggage and insists on explaining it to anyone who will listen.

comeuppants n.
When an obnoxious person loses their luggage and has no change of clothes.

crankophone n.
Someone who tries to make themselves understood in a foreign country simply by speaking louder in their own tongue.

filibluster v.
To cause pointless delay by creating a scene in the airport security line to prove some point about personal privacy rights that no one behind you cares about.

Come to think of it, I know a few crankophones! Read more at the Lonely Planet Blog: Link

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Here's a travel term my friend and I came up with: aerolocomotive discrepancy. It means the distance after which train travel becomes more expensive than plane travel.
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