Hula Hoop Cam Is A Really Bad Idea

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This seems like a good idea when you're at the drawing board, but watching the final result is akin to being inside a slowly spinning centrifuge, and made me feel a bit woozy. And since this is the second video made with the GoPro attachable camera and a hula hoop I've seen in the last year, I can't help but think that the people making these videos must have something against people with motion sickness, or else why? WHY? I can't see straight....

Maybe this technique will be used if they ever decide to make that whirling dervishes biopic they've been talking about for years, or if some studio picks up Merry-Go-Round: The Musical, but otherwise let's just leave the camera mounted on the tripod and refrain from making the viewers sick from now on, okay you hula hooping sadists?

--via TDW

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> She has a promising career as a pole dancer
> to look forward to.

My thought's exactly, but it's more like an inverse pole dance. I wonder how many hits the video would get with an ugly man handling the hoop?
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Ted- you clearly have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Pole dancing and hula hooping are completely different circus arts that require completely different skills. And anyway, you are clearly referring to strippers and somehow trying to degrade what she is doing with the hoop. What makes you think in your seedy little mind that anyone who is dancing would want to do so in front of men whilst taking their clothes off?
Clearly you have a lot of growing up to do in your narrow minded little world.
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