Real Life Corpse Bride

"Till death do us part" does not apply to this tragic love story from Thailand, where a man decided to marry his bride, who died in a car accident just days before their planned wedding.

Oddity Central has the story of the real life corpse bride:

Merely days before the wedding, Sarinya was involved in a car crash, leaving her severely injured. She still could have been saved with timely medical attention. However, the doctors made her wait for 6 hours due to an overcrowded ICU instead of transferring her to another hospital. During this time, she succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

Deffy and Sarinya had been together for 10 years, before they finally decided to settle down. They had postponed the wedding several times, due to busy schedules and the fact that Deffy wanted to complete his education before he got married. However, after Sarinya’s untimely death, he couldn’t let her go without fulfilling her deepest desire. So, he decided to marry her anyway. On the 4th of January, in Buddhist ceremony, Deffy married the corpse of his girlfriend. The event took place in Surin, a city in northern Thailand. During the ceremony, he expressed his devotion and deep love for Sarinya.

Link (Photo: MThai)

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@ Sham

In Thai Buddhist wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom do not have to say "I do". But they would tie strings on each others wrists as a confirmation. They probably could go through the motions to perform her tying on his wrist string and deem it acceptable.
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How do we know she accepted?
She wasn't able to say "I do" when asked if she's willing to marry the dude, right?
Isn't it considered forced wedding?
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