Geek Warrior Seeks Revenge, Finds Epic Failure

What you see before you is a man who fancied himself a warrior, but turned out to be nothing but a loser seeking revenge for something that happened to him when he was seven years old. Here's the scoop:

This is the astonishing moment a crazed attacker stormed into a supermarket armed with an arsenal of knives including a hockey stick with a blade on the end as oblivious punters carried on their shopping.
Described as looking like a 'warrior', Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how David Millington, 37, went into Morrisons in a suburb of Wolverhampton last March wearing a tool belt containing five kitchen knives and a makeshift shield.

Millington then chased security guard Andrew Osbourne, who he lived close to as a youngster and reportedly has a 30-year grudge against, through the store before being tackled to the ground by brave manager Michael Walsh.

Nothing about fifty years of therapy won't cure, am I right?


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That first sentence should have read: "Sorry Will, but the fact that the rate for gun homicide is 100 TIMES higher in the US than the UK tends to disprove your theory. "
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Sorry Will, but the fact that the rate for gun homicide is 100% higher in the US than the UK tends to disprove your theory. Yes only criminals have guns, but criminals still find it very hard to get hold of guns.

As for your assertion on knife crime, again the knife homicide rate in the UK is lower than the US.

There are a lot of arguments against outlawing firearms, but comparisons of the facts between countries with and without strict gun control laws make a mockery of those arguments.
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Sorry, but the UK finds out real fast 2 things:

Outlaw guns and only the outlaws will have them.

Knife-crime will go through the roof;
just ask south-Londoners.

An ordinary civilian has a much better chance of defending themselves with a gun than a knife, no matter how scary it is to face down cold steel.
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Anywhere else in the world? Sorry, but the UK is far from being the only country where guns are only allowed to the police and military.

But your logic is a sight worse than that. In a country where gun ownership is simple then you can be pretty sure that Millington would have been carrying a gun and would have almost certainly have shot Osbourne before being shot himself. So, Sandi, in your ideal country we would have ended up with two dead bodies, possibly more.

Remember the US gunshot homicide rate is about 100 times the same rate in the UK. Yup, easy legal access to guns certainly makes for a safe country to live.

For reasoning you can have an F-.
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