Cat Caught in Car

A driver in Sacramento, California, had trouble getting his car started. He heard a funny noise coming from the engine and found a cat tangled in the motor belts.
Firefighters cut through the belts and were able to free the cat, which was severely injured with several deep cuts.

The cat was taken to the Sacramento Cat Hospital in Carmichael, where life-saving surgery was performed.

The cat, nicknamed Blaze, will be put up for adoption when she recovers in a couple of weeks. Link -via Fark

(Image credit: Sacramento Metro Fire Department)

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Poor kitty. Unfortunately, this happens a lot.

In these cold winter months, it's wise to bang on the hood of your car a couple of times before you start it. That should wake any unsuspecting stray cats who'd been huddling against the warmth of the engine.

@ Sandi Craws: Compassionate much?
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This happened to our cat when i was a kid. The cat would always be on the engine block of our van in the morning when my dad went to work. He got used to looking for the cat before starting it up. One day he didnt spot or notice the cat and started up the engine. The cat soon came shooting out of the van and had a non life threatening injury. All the hair except an inch or two at the base of the tail had been removed. The cat looked like it had a really long rat-like tail. The tail was amputated except for a stub.
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