Doctor Who Crew Does The Proclaimers

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I don't know about any of you, but to me, David Tennant was the best doctor ever and the cast and crew that worked on the show during his reign were also some of the best the show has ever seen. That's why I simply adore this great video showing everyone who helped work on the show singing The Proclaimers at the close of his last filming session.

Via TARDISAdventures

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It's funny how many people have told me that the plot twists in the last two series were predictable and yet nobody predicted them in advance. That's what predictable means, you're supposed to do it in advance.

Funnilly enough I thought the Christmas special was the lamest Moffat authored Who to date. Almost RTD in places, but maybe not that bad.
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Sadly though, the best episodes Moffat wrote were during the RTD era. If anything Moffat has gone more soap opera. I think I'd enjoy Matt Smith more if it wasn't for all the plot twists and turns, which are quite generic and predictable. Nothing against 11, just the writing, though the Christmas Special brought me back. Just hoping no more Rory, Amy, or River.
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Wow, but that's been knocking around for a long time. Yeah Tennant was good, but nowhere near as good as Troughton or Tom Baker. Tennant didn't carry enough of the character traits which should be common to every doctor. I am a huge fan of Tennant's other work so being fair to him I suspect that it was RTD's control rather than Tennant's acting that was at fault. RTDs obsession with soap opera plots and over emotional acting did the show no favours at all. It's interesting that to most Whovians the stand out stories of each RTD series are the ones written by Moffat.

Although after Ecclestone anybody would have appeared good.
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