Want To Know More About North Korea? Then Read The FAQ Page

In an effort to pull the old "I'm not up to no good! See, I can prove it!" routine, North Korea has released a FAQ page to answer all your questions about the dark and mysterious country, and alleviate any global concerns at the same time.

This fun, informative and easy to read page includes the following hits:
24. Is it true that all citizens of the DPRK work for the government?

Government and people are one. There is no distinction of them.

8. Can I travel to North Korea as a backpacker?

No. You must travel as a group only, even if you are the only participant you must be with Korean guides at all times.

...and many more hilarious answers to seemingly simple questions. Will it make you trust North Korea more?

Probably not, but you're guaranteed to enjoy the circular logic and evasive answers, all while cracking up at the very thought of a country like North Korea having a FAQ page!


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How do you pronounce FAQ?

I always spell the letters out, which would necessitate the indefinite article "an". However, if you pronounce it like "fack", then the indefinite article "a" will be sufficient.

I just don't care for "fack".
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I'd love to know what all you Americans did to them between Q.6 "...US citizens that contributed for the peace and friendship between USA and the DPRK" and Q10. where the US apparently caused "Arduous March" and other evils covered in latter questions.

I think maybe we should all stop being mean to the DPRK and join together in admiration of their strength, unity and all round not-a-nasty-repressive-communist-regime-ishness.
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Man, golfing, bowling, listening to music, health care, retirement stipends, it sounds like a lovely place to live. Pity they aren't looking for foreigners to be teachers, I can spot software security flaws from one furlong, but I guess they're covered.
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